beef jerky, badasses & bs

beef jerky, badasses & bs


About the Brand

Jerky Me Off is an beef jerky and lifestyle brand created for our growing community of bold, unapologetic, and likeminded individuals. We have high standards for the products and content we consume and believe you should too. We promise to only deliver only the highest quality meat and merchandise every time, satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. We are throwing out the traditional head aches of ecommerce shopping and rewiring our entire system to make your checkout process seamless with the widest array of payment options of any online beef jerky brand. We accept PayPal, Apple pay, all major credit cards, and even crypto via Coinbase.

Our Delicious Jerky come in four flavors and is

  • 100% Grass Fed
  • American beef from an American farm
  • Small batched
  • Craft and Artisan style

Our merchandise line is still in development, but we promise to always deliver premium quality products, from the meat to the streetwear. You can find more information on the release of our upcoming merchandise line here.

We invite you to experience the bold flavors and superior quality of our products that allow us to stand out and stand above the competition.


Not about masturbating. Definitely about telling people to fuck off. No to tradition, yes to rewriting the recipes and the playbook. Relentless about our pursuit to rally the renegades & free thinkers, in to one community to enjoy a shared passion for bold beef & even bolder behavior.


The Faces Behind the Brand


Rebellious, Relentless, Respectful (for the most part).  Our team changed the narrative and we’re not stopping anytime soon. We appreciate the support from our community and look forward to implementing further change, together!

The Minds Behind the Magic

Jerky me off was founded by Josh Lynn, Sophie Lynn, and Courtney Messmer, but we now have many beautiful members on board. A team of

  • Young, like-minded individuals who seek change and want to educate their community
  • Openly diverse, no filter, always ready to party
  • Love critical thought, constantly on the move, open-minded


The most vibrant 27-year-old bumper of the century. Josh loves to spend time with his lady, and is in a current competition for the wild child card with both Sophie and Courtney. The name Jerky Me Off came to Josh one day while brainstorming on names for a completely different idea, but immediately he knew a brand had to be created. Since then Josh has aimed to use JMO as a way to express humor, challenge society, and provide a fun company for people to enjoy. He wanted to create this brand to stay in touch with his shenanigans...and this is the perfect brand for the job!

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Courtney Messmer is a force to be reckoned with at only 27 years old; she comes with years of marketing and hospitality under her belt. She joined her sibling co-founders shortly after they began the journey of developing Jerky Me Off from just an idea into an actual business. She is formed the final knot in this hardworking millennial family of young entrepreneurs obsessed with beef jerky and is now leading as active CEO.



Graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY - Sophie is an avid chef who is eager to make her mark within the culinary industry. During her education, she received an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts, followed by a Bachelors in Food Science, where she furthered her knowledge on ingredients at a microbial level and got first hand experience with some of the industry's most advanced tools and technology. Sophie's talent has taken her across the world and into the kitchen's of the World's 50 Best Restaurants, where her hunger for the food system has spanned across many platforms including sustainability, artisanal cuisine, and even molecular gastronomy. She’s always been a huge fan of the outdoors and her sense of adventure has always kept her more than hungry, both literally and metaphorically speaking. Sophie and her brother, Josh Lynn founded Jerky Me Off as a snacking alternative that provided delicious GORP (good on the road protein) for everyday users. But they wanted to do something more than just put another food product on the market. They wanted to implement active change into the broken systems of our everyday life. They wanted to give people something to talk about, something that mattered, and be a part of something that was greater than themselves. So now here we are, years later.. ready to take on the wave of what the new Jerky Me Off mooovement has in store!