beef jerky, badasses & bs

beef jerky, badasses & bs


What if I am not satisfied with my order?

USE YOUR VOICE! We stick with our mantra and back our ideals in every aspect. Tell us if your unsatisfied and we will happily find a way to put a smile back on your face!

Any more questions, comments, or concerns?

Speak to the sexiest team in the universe, our cuties are always happy to help you out!

EAT THE MEAT -> Uncensored snacking, next level flavor

REP THE STREET -> Take your love outside the package


Rebellious, Relentless, Respectful (for the most part).  Our team changed the narrative and we’re not stopping anytime soon. We appreciate the support from our community and look forward to implementing further change, together!

The Minds Behind the Magic

Jerky me off was founded by Josh Lynn, Sophie Lynn, and Courtney Messmer, but we now have many beautiful members on board. A team of 

  • Young, like-minded individuals who seek change and want to educate their community
  • Openly diverse, no filter, always ready to party
  • Love critical thought, constantly on the move, open-minded

Josh Lynn (Plano, TX)

The most vibrant 27-year-old bumper of the century. Josh loves to spend time with his lady, and is in a current competition for the wild child card with both Sophie and Courtney.

Sophie Lynn (Plano, TX)

A pretty and nothing short of awesome, 25-year-old masterpiece. Sophie is a picture-perfect beauty with a loud presence and soft voice. She started Jerky Me Off with her brother Josh and is constantly helping to take the brand to the next level.

Courtney Messmer (Fort Carson, CO)

Courtney Messmer is a force to be reckoned with at only 27 years old; she comes with years of marketing and hospitality under her belt. She joined her sibling co-founders shortly after they began the journey of developing Jerky Me Off from just an idea into an actual business. She is formed the final knot in this hardworking millennial family of young entrepreneurs obsessed with beef jerky and is now leading as active CEO.



Yes, you. Join the activist movement and encourage positive contribution on issues that truly matter.


FREE THOUGHT: Our members are free thinkers who are on a mission to demolish societal normalcy. We’ve had enough, so we own our shit and changed the rules. Our founders were born and bred in Texas, but now have members all over the country who share our no-ideal + only real stuff model.

SNACKTIVISM – Activism fuelled by snacking. Food is the one platform that continues to connect people from different backgrounds, everywhere in the world. We are leveraging the power of deep connection by introducing a new riff on an old industry and challenging the mindset idea of ‘normal’.