beef jerky, badasses & bs

beef jerky, badasses & bs


Who has the most insane BTS?

Our videos come out near perfect, but there’s a lot of craziness before each scene was captured. Josh, Sophie, and Courtney have had their fair share of naughty BTS but Sophie’s outnumbers the rest. Watch out for BTS on the homepage.

Who can be a part of Jerky Me Off?

Literally anyone and everyone – even vegans! Jokes aside, you can be a part of Jerky Me Off without putting our meat in your mouth. It’s about the culture, the story, the message, and the community. We’d love for as many people as possible to be a part of our movement!

How do I join the team?

Welcome to the committee of fuckers! Here you can share your ideas without caring about the ideals of propriety or boredom. Subscribe with us and reach out via social media to join the team!

What are your ideologies?

We ruthlessly fight for what we believe in; plain and simple. The world can bitch about it, but active change must be sought, and we’re the only ones with the balls to do it.

How old is Jerky Me Off?

Josh and Sophie originally thought of the idea back in 2017, but it finally got brought to life by CO-Founder, Courtney, in 2021.