beef jerky, badasses & bs

beef jerky, badasses & bs

10 Snacks for Your Next Pool Party

All that splashing and tanning and sweating in the warm summer sun and you’re going to need some great snacks to keep you and your posse refreshed. We’ve got your snack menu covered, just bring an umbrella and your favorite beers!

Start with something super refreshing and bring out a classic veggie tray. Ditch the ranch dressing that would sour in the summer heat, and choose hummus instead. Make it your own by topping off the hummus with chopped fresh garlic and a drizzle of olive oil.

Salty snacks are a staple when it’s hot outside, so bring out the OG Cowboy! Everyone will love the traditional jerky flavor especially when it’s enjoyed with some great beers.

Heat things up, literally, with a mini crockpot filled with your favorite queso served with chips! Grab a bag of plain tortilla chips and a bag of your favorite flavor of Doritos to spice things up.

Keep things spicy by setting out a bag of Hot & Hickory that will have everyone jumping back into the pool to cool off! This flavor is a bit of a slow burn, so be sure to have plenty of cold water on hand.

Cool things back off with some fresh-cut fruit. Make it fancy with some pairings: slices of guava topped with coconut shavings, mango sprinkled with tajin seasoning, or peaches with a side of whipped cream.

For something a bit more substantial, go for tacos. Set out a plate of taco fixings, grill-toasted corn tortillas, and your favorite grilled meat for the filling – obviously we’re a big fan of beef. For an easy meat marinade, squeeze orange and lime juice over flank steak, and season with salt and pepper. Throw it on the grill and you’ve got a great taco in no time at all.

Our Adobo-Gasm jerky will go great with your tacos and another beer or spiked sparkling water. Or a margarita, we aren’t judging.

Sweet snacks need some love too! Bake (or buy) your favorite cookies. Even better, put a scoop of ice cream between two big cookies and bring out an impressive tray of homemade ice cream sandwiches.

Suga Mama will want to jump in with the sweet snacks too, and who could blame her. That sweet-savory combo is a classic for a reason!

A table of great snacks will take your pool party from basic to badass! Experiment with flavors, and make sure to balance sweet, spicy, hot, and cold!

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