beef jerky, badasses & bs

beef jerky, badasses & bs

Our Favorite Cheese Pairings

You’ve heard of wine and cheese pairings, but we’re here to raise you jerky and cheese pairings. Meat obviously goes great with cheese, and jerky brings that combination to a whole new level. The salty, smoky, and sometimes spicy flavors complement cheeses in new ways!

OG Cowboy

This jerky is a classic for a reason, and we think it goes great with a classic sharp cheddar. Whether you choose a white cheddar or yellow, the bite from the cheese contrasts our salty OG Cowboy. Both our jerky and cheddar cheese are crowd pleasers! Add your favorite pickles to the mix for the trifecta of salty, tangy, and sour.

Hot & Hickory

This jerky brings the heat, so we’re pairing it with a nice and creamy gouda to tone it down. We think it’s a win because cooling off with creamy cheese just means you can eat more Hot & Hickory. Adding slices of fresh fruit such as mango creates another layer of dimension with these flavors.

Suga Mama

Since this jerky is a sweetie, we’re going spicy with the cheese. Slice up some jalapeno pepper jack to add those punchy flavors and contrast Suga Mama. Pita chips pull this sweet and spicy combination together.


This jerky brings some intense chile flavors to the party, so we’re keeping with the south of the border theme with a great queso dip and tortilla chips. Double up on the heat with a spicy queso, or go for a milder dip, but either way this is a winning combination!

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