beef jerky, badasses & bs

beef jerky, badasses & bs

Keep Your Gym Results With These Snacks!

You’ve worked hard in the gym, and the last thing you want is to ruin your results  with mindless snacking. Workout recovery is essential though, especially hydration and protein! We’ve got some suggestions to make the most of your post-workout snacks.

You’re traditional when it comes to workouts and flavor, and that’s okay by us. Whether you’re hitting up the gym circuit or spending some time on the treadmill, Suga Mama is there when your workout is done to give you a kick.

*Bonus tip: keep cut-up veggies, grilled chicken, and cheese sticks in your fridge for easy, healthy snacks and meal prep.

For you heavy lifters, the ones moving cold hard steel around the gym, the ones flexing on the rest of us, the OG Cowboy packs a punch of protein without fucking around. You’re definitely not messing around in the gym, so we know you’re not messing around with your protein after a workout either!

*Bonus tip: look for snacks high in protein and low in sugar and other additives when choosing a workout snack. The International Society of Sports Nutrition suggests 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight each day if you’re doing intense workouts. (Link for calculating: https://www.becomeio.com/blog/how-much-protein-after-workout/ )

Don’t let your post-yoga bliss go to waste. Keep the chill and oh-so-sexy vibes going with Adobo-Gasm jerky. The chile flavor climax will keep you going while you’re on your way for that refreshing smoothie bowl.

*Bonus tip: staying hydrated is crucial to workout success. Find a great half-gallon water bottle and aim to drink 2 full bottles per day.

We see you, Peloton warrior. You’re the one that’s up at the break of dawn to fit in an extra high-speed workout, and to be honest, we’re jealous of your calves. Fuel your next ride with Hot & Hickory, sure to help you sweat even more.

Bonus tip: high-intensity type workouts might increase your appetite, and the right protein intake is crucial for maintaining a healthy diet while gaining muscle mass. Adjust your protein intake as needed!

We know you’ve got the stuff to keep up the hard work, and we’ve got the perfect flavor of jerky to help you meet your protein goals. Which flavor are YOU picking to match your favorite workout?

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